Demo 1996




Recorded on 8-track in 1996 with Elliot Dicks.
Remastered in 2016 by Jeff Dean
Released in 2016 by Contraband.


released January 1, 1996



all rights reserved


RACETRAITOR Chicago, Illinois

Racetraitor was one of the most controversial political bands of the 1990s. The band was known for aggressively challenging audiences to confront the ways they might help perpetuate racist and exploitative social and economic systems. Many of their shows turned into heated arguments and they became one of the most talked about hardcore bands of their era. ... more

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Track Name: Damaged
dehumanized. cattleized. hoarded in cells of order. planned extinction the grave is cemented shut. we have bought it in fear or has it bought us?
Track Name: Dar al Harb
white rain falls across the walls of new jerusalem to the ashes of disbelief. cry your filthy lie venomous embodiment of hate. this lie of divine intentions. the star burns bright scorching the land clear for repopulation. swallows whole. your zion crushes whole. taking every life at the devil’s price. country gutted out. nailed through the foot. christened in power the beast’s power.
Track Name: Hlavinka
white empire built on top of a golden pedestal. white kingdom plastik kulture on top of the enslaved and colonized. on top of their swollen naked corpses. gorging off their blood and slag. kill white kulture.
Track Name: Suffocation
these academies packed full ready to kill for the throne in drone. gouging at any hand or fist raised to piercing. state stands in death of the defense. the resistance falls in flock for your ideal. the powers that be define the means of survival and liberty. when soot falls down from the sky and hope breaks loose are you numbed by the blade being pointed at you?
Track Name: Stomp
(original lyrics lost to the ages)
Track Name: Crumble Foot
i’m bound and leashed to my hate. lead-footed worthless to the world. why can’t i find the nerve to try? my complacency burn it to the sky.
Track Name: Sunday School Rule
and hold your vision in place. your vision of a democratic cycle. believe in the dis-believable. cycle of despair. terror controls. 60 million useless limbs. muffled voices pacified by a vote. nullified by white icons flashing on a screen spouting disgust and false moralism. believe the dis-believable. center stage stockpiled machines of death. behind closed doors of the tv set empty bellies. weakened thoughts slipping. encapsulated genocide. imperial savagery. this is not my vision. can’t subscribe.
Track Name: Conquesta
filthy handed you came with greed dripping from you blood dried fingernails. pockets full of gold yet you came to steal to drain. history of the lonely home once forgotten. suck every ounce of hope from the destitute. outcasts further casted stripped below the lowly. yet you’re the hero the grand breadwinner the trophy of this country. continuing the tradition of seizure and leaching. the forgotten memory relived. the land stolen re-stolen. the colony stricken re-stricken. chant it gold god and glory.